Thursday, May 8, 2008

PBS FRONTLINE - A Dangerous Business

Los Angeles Times Mark Sachs

"The figure seems preposterous at first glance, surely a mistake, or perhaps based upon a report from some Third World country, not the preeminent power in the world.

"But tonight on 'Frontline: A Dangerous Business', you will learn some of the reasons why 6,000 Americans die each year on the job, and what is being done, or not being done, to address the situation.

"The program narrows its focus to what it claims is one of the most dangerous firms in the United States, the McWane Corp., a giant pipe-manufacturing concern with iron foundries in 10 states and Canada. ...

"'Frontline' warns viewers up front of the 'disturbing images' they are about to see, and it's not hyperbole. But after seeing the photos of bloodied, crushed bodies and interviews with maimed survivors of industrial accidents, you might look at your own workplace a little differently."

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