Wednesday, May 7, 2008

PBS FRONTLINE - The Missile Wars

Houston Chronicle Ann Hodges

"... It's beginning to be redundant to say it so often, but here PBS' Frontline is again -- out front and timely -- with a must-see program. ...

Missile Wars supplies the history of and a progress report on the missile defense initiative. Its critics call it Star Wars, and it's been a hot political potato for 20 years. As the experts quoted here make plain, it still is. ...

... Then came Sept. 11 ... and missile defense is now a vital crash program.

... But it's the president, Frontline reminds, who faces the most difficult questions. 'When he contemplates U.S. military action against a foe that might threaten nuclear blackmail, can he rely on an unproven missile defense?'

Frontline isn't answering questions here, but it's surely asking hard ones."

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